This is Us

I always thought I’d start a blog when I was married and had kids, because it would be a way to get my “creative outlet.” But now, I’m 31, single, childless, and started this blog from my couch with my questionably plutonic friend, who is more like a sister, in the hopes I would one day become rich and famous for it. I’m Shea. And This is Us.

(And we aren’t talking about the amazing show of triplets with two smoking hot guys… one of which is black and the other is white). And I am Katie.

I knew this moment was destined for us that fateful Friday when I had one phone call to make. I picked up the phone that night and said, “Shea… I think I’m going to call off my engagement…”

Because if it’s one person I bounce ideas off of, it’s Shea. That’s why her name gets to be first on our blog.



But really, let us count the ways of our many failed attempts and hair-brained ideas that went absolutely nowhere. (Shea, get out your sticky notes).

  • Publishing a joint sex novel with a romance twist. Or maybe it was intended to be a romance novel with some sex scenes? (How is that novel coming along, by the way??)
  • Producing a Netflix documentary to appeal to a thirty-something female crowd. The documentary would catalogue International romance, and how there are “no borders” when it comes to love. What a crock of… Reference phone call above
  • Can’t forget that one time Katie started her own business, KATIESCACHE! Custom fascinators (which no one actually knows what those are). To date, I have sold zero fascinators, made zero profit, Shea traveled throughout L.A. with zero gas or mileage expensed and Katie spent a bunch of money on supplies. But, you know, we have some pretty amazing photos from that day we wore fascinators in the ocean and pitted out of our t-shirts

Which leads us to this blog. Since all we do, every day, is text, snap and tweet each other hilarious stuff, we figured let’s bring together the joining of the minds! One to one. Heart to heart. Let’s let it all out. Inhale the glory. Feel the drops of rain on your face. Get into it. Get after it. Let’s tell all our stories of failed relationships, dates, how hot that teenager was or omg I’m just really into old men right now. And let’s have a deeper, more meaningful dialogue.

I’m talking about baby showers…

Botox. Society. Societal pressures. Race. Sex. Religion. Social media. Fake boobs. Why can’t we talk about these things? I want to talk about it ALL.

So let’s expose a bit about ourselves and blog.

Published by Shea & Katie. But mostly by Katie Jones.


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