“We long for Love, we wish we had more Time and we fear Death.”

Tears roll down my face. I wipe them away, quickly covering my mouth to prevent any audible evidence. I clear my throat, letting the golden hair drape over my eye like a veil. Two more tears more down my face. I’m so embarrassed.

I’m watching in flight entertainment and can’t keep it together in 38F apparently. Damn you, Delta!

Collateral Beauty played by Will Smith was powerful.

The story starts out with a charismatic, articulate, approachable leader. (In West Philadelphia, born and raised! Oh wait, we are beyond the Fresh Prince years).


Founder of his company, you lean on his every word, “Wow, I want to work for this company.”

The next scene is a very different man: disheveled, tired, with sprinkles of gray hair. He is stricken with grief over the loss of his daughter. Who wouldn’t be disheveled.

Throughout the movie Howard is confronted by Love, Time and Death.


He is confronted by Love. A betrayal. By Time. A trade. “I wanted You to take me, not her.” Time became his prison.


And he is confronted by Death. Trite. “God needed her more”??


Each character plays in direct contrast to Howard’s colleagues who, too, are conflicted by Love, Time and Death.

“We long for Love, we wish we had more Time and we fear Death.”

You learn through his journey that Love is all around, exists in everything, Time is a gift and death is a part of life.


Movie Review by Katie Jones


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