Des Moines Hometown Date

When I auditioned for The Bachelor the question arose, “Where would your home town date be?”


I’ve also been recently asked, “Do you consider Iowa home? Or California?”

The simple response is, “So Cal for life, babyyy!” But that is a little presumptuous.

Of course Iowa will always have my heart. My roots run deep, and I feel like my blood bleeds red, white and blue when I am “home.”

Yet the sad truth is that Iowa is no longer my home. My “home” is my family; that is where my heart truly is.

Sometimes I worry about the future when my parents pass. What will “home” be like then? Will I have my own family or will my home be my 900-square feet of land that I pay a hefty premium for in the quaint hills of Aliso Viejo?

I immediately turn my thoughts away from this, because morbidity is not my jam.

Des Moines is great though. The people are genuine and friendly. And you’re never stressed out, because everything is conveniently located within a 15 minute drive.

And that’s where it ends. I hit my roadblock. I want so much more out of life! I want more than one skyscraper, more than one homogenous race and way of thinking. I want to be challenged. (And the 365 days of consecutive sunshine does not suck).

So let’s crack open a Corona with lime, and enjoy the good life in the sunshine state… But first, I have a weekend ahead of me of shitty PBR in my America bikini. Helloooooo, Iowa!

P.S. I’ll take my steak medium rare and love every moment of it.


Published by Katie Jones


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