Relational Scorecard

What is your relational scorecard?
In business, we keep track of our performance. How well are you performing? Most companies have annual reviews. Some have quarterly reviews tied to comp. Or if you’re like me, I check-in on my performance regularly: quarterly, monthly, even daily.
So where do we line up in our personal relationships? What are the benchmarks, and how do we know if we’re doing a good job?
As is true for most things in life, it typically boils down to communication. For me, it’s about Communication and Intuition. These are our love barometers.
How can I get better? Is the other person happy and what can I do to make him happier?
Intuition can be powerful to tap into as well. Asking for guidance and direction.
But ultimately your Relational Scorecard and performance is subjective. It’s based on another person’s opinion, and the opinion of yourself.
So why is a high achiever like me, in essence, failing at her Relational Scorecard?
Actually I could give myself a “C” at best. That’s not exactly failing, although it’s unusual for a girl who prefers “A” work and effort.
As much as I have tried to dig deep within myself, I realize it may have little to do with me and more to do with others around me.
Personally I would rate my Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual scorecard a 10 / 10. If I were my own boss, I would for sure promote me! (Then again I would already be the boss promoting myself so it becomes a confusing game of chicken vs. the egg).
So while my relational scorecard may feel like a “C”, perhaps I need to change my inner dialogue to that of an “A” to attract other “A” achievers. I am worth it after all!
Published by Katie Jones

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