"Perhaps if the ex spouse didn't get such a sweet pay out, maybe more marriages would last."


“We long for Love, we wish we had more Time and we fear Death.”

Tears roll down my face. I wipe them away, quickly covering my mouth to prevent any audible evidence. I clear my throat, letting the golden hair drape over my eye like a veil. Two more tears more down my face. I'm so embarrassed. I'm watching in flight entertainment and can't keep it together in 38F … Continue reading “We long for Love, we wish we had more Time and we fear Death.”

The Light of the Body is the Eye

"Truly having gratitude, forgiving others and allowing our souls to bring in light, is the aperture of the soul."


The Colors Mix to Grey

"It is so complex yet simple to the eye. She is not as sleek or sexy as our iPhones, but the Minolta is a god because in her camera lineage, she was one of the original rulers. (Simba knows. He just looked into the sky, and there his family was.)"


Des Moines Hometown Date

When I auditioned for The Bachelor the question arose, "Where would your home town date be?" I've also been recently asked, "Do you consider Iowa home? Or California?" The simple response is, "So Cal for life, babyyy!" But that is a little presumptuous. Of course Iowa will always have my heart. My roots run deep, … Continue reading Des Moines Hometown Date


Anti-Social Social Media

I'm not in hiding. I'm not a terrorist, and I'm not in trouble with the law like Chris Soules.


Relational Scorecard

What is your relational scorecard? In business, we keep track of our performance. How well are you performing? Most companies have annual reviews. Some have quarterly reviews tied to comp. Or if you're like me, I check-in on my performance regularly: quarterly, monthly,¬†even daily. So where do we line up in our personal relationships? What … Continue reading Relational Scorecard