He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not

Lately I’ve been picking flower petals wondering, “He likes me? He likes me not. He likes me? … He really, really likes me!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that he really, really likes me, but the double positive cancels each other out every time. Meaning, he’s definitely not going to pursue me.

Image result for Ariel, he likes me he likes me not

Why is this?

I polled a plutonic male friend recently who offered some perspective. (Interestingly he did this same thing to me years ago, so I figured he was a reliable source).

His response was, “Insecurity. Fear of screwing up or worsening something.”

He admitted how badly he feels for that time, and I think there is a level of regret there too. But all was not lost as we have a great friendship now.

The part I am grappling with most though is men and their emotions….

It’s been said, “A drunk man’s words, are a sober man’s thoughts.”

From all the Google searches I’ve done this week… survey says! This is 100% accurate. (Google is a highly creditable source too).

So why do these intoxicated boys lead me on, pour out their hearts, then go dark when the sun comes up?

I really am Arial. I want legs and to be human, but I might be banished to my cavern of whozits-whatzits and thingamabobs forever.

So among my treasures, I wait for Eric to pursue. He never does.

I know I’m not pushy or chasing after the guy. That would be a turn-off, obviously. And I think I provide some level of reciprocation so what’s the hold up?

Perhaps there’s an insecurity or lack of maturity. These guys don’t feel good enough or worthy to date me? (Does that make me egotistical?)

And in that moment, I realize I am guilty of the same offense. I often don’t feel worthy of a guy like Prince Eric simply because the good ones invariably freak out pursing me. Then I’m forced to settle for less.

It’s incredibly frustrating.

So what to do when a boy pours out his heart and feelings for you, you know (think) it was sincere, but he pulls away?

Well here is my strategy and game plan. It’s a negotiation. And the first one to speak loses.

I will continue this painful silence until I see prince charming again at a social event involving alcohol. I’ll ignore him initially until he can’t stand it any longer and confronts me.

Then, this drunk girl’s words will become a sober girl’s heart.

Sure, it’s a risk. But I’m running out of flowers and petals in my garden after all.



Published by: Katie Jones

P.S. I give Prince Eric two Skeptical Belles for his performance.

Skeptical Belle

Inspiration for this post:

Part of Your World Lyrics:

Look at this stuff 

Isn't it neat? 

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete? 

Wouldn't you think I'm the girl 

The girl who has everything? 

Look at this trove 

Treasures untold 

How many wonders can one cavern hold? 

Looking around here you think 

Sure, she's got everything 

I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty 

I've got whozits and whatzits galore 

You want thingamabobs? 

I've got twenty! 

But who cares? 

No big deal 

I want more

 I wanna be where the people are 

I wanna see, wanna see them dancin' 

Walking around on those - what do you call 'em? 

Oh - feet!

Flippin' your fins, you don't get too far 

Legs are required for jumping, dancing 

Strolling along down a - what's that word again? 


 Up where they walk, up where they run 

Up where they stay all day in the sun 

Wanderin' free - wish I could be 

Part of that world

What would I give if I could live out of these waters? 

What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand? 

Bet'cha on land they understand 

That they don't reprimand their daughters 

Proper women sick of swimmin' 

Ready to stand

 And ready to know what the people know 

Ask 'em my questions and get some answers 

What's a fire and why does it - what's the word? 


When's it my turn? 

Wouldn't I love, love to explore that world up above? 

Out of the sea 

Wish I could be 

Part of that world

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