Dating my Best Friend

It’s recently come to my attention that I am dating my best friend.

Saturday morning text to Shea, “Do you want to go to Joshua Tree with me? I’ll bring my new camera and we can blog… I was thinking star gazing, rock climbing and hiking.”

Joshua Tree

I initiate these weekend getaways and dates without fear or rejection, because Shea always says “yes.” Let’s run through some of the romantic things we have done together.

To start, we met while studying abroad in Spain. We were so young. For example I had never been on a metro before in my life. I was naïve and Shea hadn’t come into her own yet. (Give us like ten more years, guys).

Studying abroad at that age, there are so many great things to do, see, eat, explore. You are broke yet bawling on a budget, because you are spending your parents’ money.

It wasn’t until our late twenties until Shea and I realized we were both perpetually two single girls living in Southern California. Maybe we were fed up with not having a boyfriend to travel with, and go on romantic dates with, so instead we decided we would do these things together.

“Hey, Shea! I’m up in L.A. somewhere. Do you want to grab dinner tonight?” Spur of the moment date request.

Shea of course responded immediately, got in her car within 15 minutes and was in Pasadena within an hour. Who does that?

If we were “dating,” Shea would have had to play coy with me. Maybe she is too busy and plays hard to get. Maybe we flirt a little bit over text, but ultimately I would have been at that romantic restaurant all by myself by the end of it.

Instead, dating your best friend there is no bullshit. We genuinely want to spend time with one another, experience life, perhaps try a new restaurant and experience great food together.

The only downside to this is that everyone thinks we’re lesbians. We wouldn’t appear to be a gay couple if dating weren’t so complicated. And I’m okay if people think we’re a “couple,” because we’re basically Bert and Ernie. No one knows if we’re roommates, best friends or lovers. But ultimately no one comes between Bert and Ernie.

Outside of Shea always saying “yes,” to my date requests, and not playing games to fuck with my head, we always have a great time.

It’s guaranteed that whatever we’re doing, we’re going to have a great time. There will be constant banter and laughter too.

We could be the old married couple on NYE, for example, staying in that night to watch Ryan Seacrest’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, then subsequently analyze how awful the production of the show was, and have a great time laughing about it.


In fact, this was one of my more memorable New Year’s Eve experiences. We ate the most disgusting Chinese takeout, cuddled up in blankets and watched T.V. until the ball dropped. We were promptly in bed by 12:05am. Perfect for us because we just wanted a solid breakfast Sunday morning in Santa Monica sans hang over.

Another thing about Shea. She’s fiercely loyal. She would never cheat on me or talk badly about me behind my back. We have a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect, and she always has my best interest at heart. It means a lot to have someone like that in your life.

Of course we’ve both had romantic relationships over the years, yet someone inevitably gets hurt in the end. But dating your best friend, there is no expiration date on the fun and adventure you share together!

The key to this equation will be if the person Shea ends up with, and conversely the person that I end up with, they must be okay to hang with either of us.

Are you hilarious? Do you like nice things? Do you like to travel and laugh?

Cool. Then you just might be the perfect potential suitor for Shea & Katie.

In fact, we are currently accepting applications for sexy eligible bachelors to accompany us to Joshua Tree. We might ask you to take your shirt off during the interview process; if you have a dad bod that’s perfectly acceptable, because we’re kind of into that too.

But let’s be honest. No guy will accompany us to Joshua Tree. Why?

Because we are dating our best friend exclusively.


Published by: Katie Jones


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