Is Texting the Death of Romance (Cont.)

And what are the rules around sexting anyway?

Did someone just say “sex”?

Like why? Why are you sexting with me?

Option: to see me in person rather than sending me text messages….


Alternative option (and this is a novel idea): FaceTime!

So many options. Yet you would rather text me from your home… by yourself. I’m struggling with this logic.

Perhaps it’s that couples feel they can express themselves freely without being face-to-face.

I’m not talking sexually, I’m talking about emotions now. Real emotions. Sometimes it feels like you can no longer have a serious conversation in person or over the phone, because it’s easier to type it out. I can understand that. But it’s like I said earlier:

Texting does not a relationship make!

Recently I had an emotionally traumatizing experience. I was crushed. I balled my eyes out like a teenager. I felt like a teenager. A boy did something to me like any teenager boy would do to a girl. I couldn’t even talk. So what did I do? I texted of course!

Even though my personal rule is to never type (text or email) about anything emotional, I reached over to that phone and texted. At first it was to let him know I couldn’t physically talk, how hurt I was, and that I needed time to process.

Once I got the space I needed, his texting silence made it seem like he was totally not interested anymore. I eventually pleaded for him to have a conversation with me, “Please, please! I want to talk to you about this over the phone!” Text silence.

It’s a dark silence.

(Probably why they came up with the term “ghosting” you. Because it’s dark and scary).

He brushed it off like we had both been busy, coupled with the fact he hates talking on the phone. That should have been my first indication he didn’t give a shit about me.

Not only do we avoid conflict and emotional face-to-face conversations, I think in general, we don’t feel as attractive in real life anymore.


For the final scene, read “Is Texting the Death of Romance: Because this Part III Series is Killing Me.”

Published by: Katie Jones


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