Is Texting the Death of Romance: Because This Part III Series is Killing Me

We can be wittier, funnier and possibly more attractive to our partner (pen pal) over text… add the pretty-face Snap filter and OMG you’re gorgeous! (I wake up like this).

Meanwhile I’m sitting here in my flannel nightgown, monogramed “KJJ.” For all you know, I am taking pretty-faced filters and texting with a hot guy right now, “Oh, hey baby… I’m just in my nighty! {winky face.}” Katie, you are literally wearing flannels with no make-up.

(But it’s not really a lie. A “nightgown” and a “nighty” are basically the same thing, right?)

It’s true, even in this blog. I can say whatever and BE whatever I want.

Based on my writing style, you might have come to the visual conclusion that I look like Amy Schumer in real life. But if you knew me, you might think I am the girl next door that doesn’t get out of her cubicle much. It’s all about perception.

Perception changes based on what outlet you use to communicate.

When I left my last company, a co-worker of six and half years looked at me in surprise one day and said, “Katie! I can’t believe you said that. You’re always so virginal!”

And I thought to myself, “Did she just say ‘virginal’ or ‘vaginal?’”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Do I give off a goody-goody vibe?

The answer is ugh, duh, yes Katie.

I know this because it’s only been in the last three years that I have had a good relationship with my brother. It was Thanksgiving of 2014. I was 28 years old. My brother, hammered, looked at me with his holiday glossy gaze, then squinted his eyes like he was confused, “You know…?” {pause} I just realized… you’re really fucking COOL.”

To which my response was, “And it literally took you 28 years to come to this conclusion?”

He laughed hysterically. I think he finally realized I was misunderstood Katie. I wasn’t Katie a know-it-all, I was just a smart ass Katie who was really sarcastic all the time.

So maybe you use texting as a way to create a better perception of yourself, express yourself more freely, avoid conflict, be flirtatious or put your best filter forward.

Or maybe you are like me, and you are craving for that moment a man calls you on the phone and says, “Hi. I would like to take you on a date, because I really want to see you. When can I pick you up?”

Published by: Katie Jones


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