Galaxy Girls

For Christmas two years ago I bought Shea a pair of galaxy yoga paints. They were so great. I also bought her a pair of cozy sweats.

Being the good friend that I am, I must disclose: I bought these at Wal-Mart. Merry Christmas, Shea!

On the one hand I thought, “Katie, you are a terrible person for buying your Christmas gifts from Wal-Mart.”

On the other hand, they were so great, how could I resist?

Shea recently informed me that she wears her sweatpants (the “Wal-Mart Special”) every day so that made me feel better. They’re probably the best gifts I’ve gotten her to date.

I could have really used her galaxy pants today for our company’s space themed annual retreat.

It was so great.

Everyone dressed in costumes. Star Wars was a clear winner across the board.


Remember how I said everyone at work is hot? Well, they’re also all goof balls. “Uranus” was the joke of the day.

Good one, guys.

So we went to our annual meeting, dressed as ridiculous as possible. (There was some serious cash on the table for the costume contest!)

Perhaps the best part of all was parading into our brand new office space today. “Hi, I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi, I’m the new tenant, and your neighbor for the next 5-10 years.”

(And every neighbor is like wtf.)

Well the joke will be on them once they see our happy hours and raging Christmas parties.

I’m sorry you don’t like fun as much as we do. We come in peace! 🖖🏼 And may the force be with you….


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