Bill O’Reilly: Up Against a New Spin Factor

Clinton, Cosby, O’Reilly. What do these men have in common?

They all have the first name “Bill”? They all like Jell-O?

I am giving partial credit to anyone who answered A. Same first name and/or B. Affinity for Jello-0.

But really, we need to discuss option C.… Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly? How did you three think you could get away with what you did, for so long, and not get caught? And take the risk of tainting a lifelong career?

For me it’s the point where I am paying people thirteen million dollars cash to “keep quiet,” when I would stop to think, “Hmm, maybe I should rethink my life choices,” or “maybe I should exit quietly while I still have some dignity.” (I felt similarly about Lance Armstrong and O.J. Simpson, by the way).

It breaks my heart. These people have had such incredible talents, careers and worked hard to build what they had. Only to make one slip-up (or several) that tears it apart… and changes their legacy forever.

Of course I am writing this given the recent news of Bill O’Reilly.

He’s my boy. I am a fan through and through.

Even though there are serious sexual harassment charges against him, and Fox News could drop his show, he’s still my ride or die. There will be a quiz on this later. “Who is Katie’s ‘ride or die?’” Is it

  1. O.J. Simpson
  2. Her former Friend with Bene
  3. Skeptical Belle or
  4. Bill O’Reilly

All of those would be ridiculous answers. But of course the correct response, Pat, is I’d like to buy a vowel, ‘O,’ and solve the puzzle… D. Bill O’Reilly.

I did feel the need to comment as I have been outwardly conservative in our blog, with references to Fox News specifically. At this point it feels like the Republican Elephant in the room.

American Election

“Katie said she loves Fox News, I wonder how she feels about the whole Bill O’Reilly scandal.”

Well, you guys, this is how I feel.

  1. I am a big fan of O’Reilly’s. His shows are thoughtful, witty; I align with his view points and he’s a smart man
  2. I do think there could be added media hype, which I won’t buy into… but was there a sexual harassment charge, or many, that were completely valid? Probably, yes
  3. Am I okay with this? Is it bad I initially thought, “What’s the big deal, it’s just a little sexual harassment in the workplace…”?

Yeah, that’s horrible. Fundamentally I abhor the fact there is sexual harassment. And, yes, I am probably in denial a little bit about Bill O ‘Reilly. But let me be clear, I mostly disapprove of it from a gender inequality perspective (less of from a moral perspective).

Because if you are talking to a woman, or acting inappropriately, there is an undercurrent of “I don’t take you seriously as a professional, you are just an object to me.” That may not be what is intended, but that is what is being projected. Otherwise, why not just treat me like a human being and colleague?

And at the end of it all, what does O’Reilly really care? He’s had a great career, made a $#^! ton of money. So what he’s told to leave the show and go have another adventure. I can’t see his ego being bruised too badly, plus I’m sure at the end of the day he knows he screwed up.

So maybe you can’t change one person (#BOR). There is a chance Bill will repeat these behaviors even at his next adventure. But what about the people who knew his wrongdoings, yet chose the path of least resistance? Turning a blind eye was easier than addressing the issues at hand and taking action.

I think of those people who didn’t have the courage to stand up for what was right, and instead swept it under the rug to maintain the status quo. There were bigger fish to fry at that time, right…?

Anyway, I pray for those people.

And I pray for Bill O’Reilly. Love him or hate him, he is still a person too.


Published by Katie Jones


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