The best part about being #2 on this blog, is I can get away with more than Shea can. Shea is expected to carry our brand. While I am just the VP that supports her in our PR efforts.

Shea is in “the industry” after all. I’m just some insurance girl who enjoys¬†talking about boys. It’s true. Look at my kindergarten report card sometime.

In the same vein, I am supporting Shea’s ambition of launching our blog into a podcast soon. We’re really excited! I have zero resources so it’s basically all on Shea to figure this out for us. Meanwhile, I already have multiple guest speakers lined up.

In anticipation of our exciting launch, which¬†has yet to be announced (oops), I’d like to provide a *spoiler alert* to our FIVE avid readers and fans:

Skeptical Belles.

Have you ever heard of Rotten Tomatoes?

Who needs a star rating, when you know it’s going to be questionable content? It is most deserving of a Skeptical Belle.

Skeptical Belle.png

Reference “Swipe Left” post. Chad, Shea & Katie give you 3 Skeptical Belles for that performance.

You get the idea.

So stay tuned for our exciting launch and we hope you join in on the fun.


Published by Katie Jones

Photo cred to the most skeptical of them all, CRJ

Hair by: Katie Jones

No make-up by: Katie Jones

No finger nail polish by: Katie Jones


Skeptical Belles

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