Pen in Ink

I’m talking about workplace romance. Good thing? Bad thing?

Obviously everyone is going to say, “Oh, I would never!”

Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.

Don’t $&@! where you sleep.

Basically there is no expression in society where people are like, “Yes, get after it!”

When I interviewed at my current company, it seemed like I was welcomed by the hottest guys in Orange County. Hot “men’s men,” business professionals.

After that parade I thought, “It’s a great culture fit for me.”

Fast forward ahead and I feel like these guys are my hot older brothers. “You work with [insert any producer’s name here?]” “Yes, I sure do!”

(And all the girls at the other firms are so jealous.)

My company has been so great to me though. Truly my career has given me more joy over the last 2 1/2 years than most things I’ve done in past 31.

For example, school.

I don’t miss college at all. You mean after I leave my “job” (i.e. class), I have more work to do? Then I have to stop doing that work to transition to my three actual jobs that pay me (no) money so I can afford the shittiest beer and gain 15 pounds?

(The best part about college graduation was immediately losing weight, and having a salary.)

Although I digress a bit, I do want to point out – why isn’t dating someone from school considered dipping your pen in the “company” ink too?

In elementary school, I had a crush on a new boy every year. And then we would compare notes with our friends.

Like who has a crush on Kyle Henry this year? Chris Buhler? Kyle Murdock? (Don’t forget, everyone’s name was Kyle and they all had bowl cuts back in the 90’s). Once you knew everyone’s crush for the year, it was very territorial.

In the workplace, it’s just rotational eye candy, “Did you see the new guy?!” …Chatter of the new guy continues for the next 6 months.

And it goes both ways. I don’t mean men checking out women; I mean Jaymee and me taking notice, “Did you see the new girl? She is closet sexy, right?”

Then once you see their work product, it positively or negatively impacts their attractiveness scale.

If your work product is great, you work hard and have a good attitude, I am that much more attracted to you.

If you are lazy, make mistakes, hate work and don’t really want to be here, I don’t have time for that. You are not attractive anymore.

It must be my “ENTJ” personality.

All you need to know about these people is they live to work, they are successful, and balancing a personal life is a struggle.

Take this blog for example, the ratio of Katie to Shea posts is like 12:1. That basically means I’m working 12 times harder than Shea.

C’mon, Shea, stop wasting time by sleeping 8 hours and eating meals… when you could be working on this blog. I would never thrive living in France, let’s just put it that way. Call me Katie Capitalism.

So I don’t have any conclusions at this point as I have no personal stories of romance in the workplace to draw on. (Did you hear that, Dad? No personal stories of romance in the workplace…).

I’d be interested to hear what others think though, and would like to tee this up as a podcast discussion.

(Caveat: if you had sex one time on your desk after hours, that does not count).

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