The kids came through like a storm. Happy Easter! Everyone drop what you’re doing. Right now.

This can’t be the expectation when I’m a mom by the way. I’m sorry, Mommy is putting on her eyeliner right now.

I don’t remember calling the shots when I was a kid. We just did what we were told. But now it seems like kids run the show, and we drop everything to accommodate.

They also run our Facebook accounts. I can’t tell which girls I went to college or high school with, because it’s a picture of their child.

Are you not wanting to be in your own photos anymore? Maybe you’re self conscious about your post baby weight? Or maybe you don’t think people will care to see a photo of you?

I am here to tell you that’s it’s not true. I would like to see a picture of you.

Or perhaps you’re looking for more “likes”? Pics of babies instantly get you at least 50 likes.

#blessed. #mywholeworld will probably get you an additional ten.

I’ve thought about trying this for fun.

Post a random picture of me holding a baby with the caption, “My heart and my whole world. The luckiest gift I have is to be your mama! #blessed #mywholeworld.”

I will undoubtedly have those posts one day (or maybe not), but I would do it just for the sheer likes right now. It would be setting a record for me!

But I’m on Aunt Katie time this Easter… This hair won’t curl itself after all.

So Happy Easter to you and all your adorable, sweet little snuggles who melt my heart. I’m relaxing pool side with a cocktail in hand and Easter candy close by… Ahhh.


Published by Katie Jones


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