“Doctor, I have a confession to make… are you ready for this?” I challenged.

My chiropractor had no choice in the matter.

I explained how incredible I have felt since my first adjustment, “when I got to the parking lot last week, I swear my vision instantly improved!”

No lie.

This girl has battled blurry vision since the third grade. My teacher initially suspected me of cheating in math class. No, I just couldn’t see the chalk board… (Not to mention I was more interested in the O.J. Simpson trial than the two trains traveling in opposite directions at different speeds.)

And in an instant, this man with the Midas touch brought so much clarity to my life. Is this Jesus?? He is a kind man, after all. And I’d let him touch my spine any day of the week, even on Sunday.

Dr . Reames then walked me over to a chart like I was back in third grade. IMG_0008Where is the cursive alphabet wrapping around the walls? He showed me where each vertebra matched up to the various organs in the body, my upper spine specially, addressing the optical nerves (vision) and insomnia. My two bullies!

So let’s put our hands together for chiropractic care at a $15 copay. And get adjusted.


Published by Katie Jones


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