Boys, Boys, Boys

Oh, boy…. Boys. Men.

I love them. Such simple creatures, yet I’m finding they are pretty sensitive too. I love working with men in business, I love having men as friends and of course I love the romance between a man and a woman. Their scent, their smile. I really can’t handle it actually, it’s a weakness.

What I am interested in as of late are the differences between our parents’ generation and us crazy Millenials. Why do we find ourselves in a starkly different position than our parents were in their twenties and thirties?

By now, my parents had been engaged, had a mortgage, stable career, a four year old son in preschool and my mom was pregnant with her favorite child.

At 24 I remember thinking, “Wow, this was the age that my mom got engaged,” and feeling like 24 would be my year.

By 26, the sobering reality sank in that I wasn’t, and even though my parents were married by then it would probably happen for me soon too.

Of course, I am 31 now and I’m not married nor do I have children. I don’t own a home. Instead, I rent a 900 square foot apartment, I lease my car and my greatest asset is my paycheck (or maybe my 401(k)).

Comparing myself to my parents leads to a dead end every time. And I find my greatest joy and successes in the Inbetween. All the things I’ve done and seen inbetween those moments of comparison.

I got a great education and have traveled the world. I learned a foreign language. I’ve loved and I’ve lost, and I am a confident woman.

I’ve traveled alone, gone to museums, restaurants and movie theaters alone. I’ve found my faith on my own. Some of my greatest moments have been by myself, in the absence of any boys.

Last night, for fun, Shea & I interviewed some Millenial men. We learned way more than we wanted to know… Here, have some more whiskey!

Without divulging the deets, we learned that these guys yearned for the same things in life that we do. Look beyond the image….

“Dating here is hard,” one guy said.

“People are more concerned with how much money you make, what kind of car you drive.”  “The women tend to be more fit, more free spirited, more spiritual. There is a lot more to do out here… more restaurants, more bars, more wealth….”

So what kind of car do you drive, Avery? Oh wait. I mean thank you for your time and candor.

The truth is I really don’t care what kind of car he drives… until I type this. Now I really want to know.

Perhaps the best discovery though was qualities he’s looking for in a partner. “Humor!” He said.

Shea and I immediately high five. Because we are both thinking, “Wow, we actually have a shot at this whole dating thing.”

Next to sense of humor, he explained Intelligence was second. Again, Shea and I slow clap for hitting two out of two.

So what really separates us as single women and men Millenials living in Southern California? More on that next time.





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