Hi, I’m Katie. Actually it’s not “Katie” at all. I’m Katie Jones. It’s a packaged deal, really. Katie – Jones. I’m an all-American girl from Iowa who loves so many things about life. I am a Libra at heart and have many layers. I hope to peel back these layers so you may begin to learn about all things Katie Jones.

For starters, I am a work horse who is hopelessly committed to her career: the one stable, committed relationship I’ve ever had. My job is reliable and always satisfies me. I never worry if my career will call me back, because I know he always comes begging for more!

Now if that didn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.

Outside of my career, of course, it is all about my family, girlfriends, working out, giving back, painting, photography, writing, living life to the fullest and being the best version of Katie Jones that I can be.

But it comes with its pitfalls. I am recently addressing some demons in a closet I never knew I had. The closet is dusty, which stresses me out because I hate a dirty home.

Ultimately I am facing myself, head on, and learning to be gentle and kind in the process. The truth is I struggle with self esteem, social media anxiety & pressure, learning to integrate among all married friends with babies, coupled with the feelings of sadness & self doubt associated with it.

And while I process through these emotions, I keep my glass-half-full-larger-than-life attitude and continue to embrace this amazing journey. All while wearing my favorite Mac lipstick.


Published by Katie Jones


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