Baby Boomers

“I hope we don’t disappoint our Baby Boomer parents when we arrive without printed agendas, with 1 inch margins, double spaced.”


Social Media

Social Media. I don’t even feel “social media” is the right term for what social media has evolved into over the past decade. As you will hear in our first episode of This is The Show, “social media” has transformed into an outlet for society – a place to voice opinions, thoughts and shape our … Continue reading Social Media

Wake Up, America!

I’M BAAAAACK. As promised I haven’t been writing as many articles as Katie. I’ve been too busy making the world’s crappiest TV shows and selling my soul for the all mighty dollar. Speaking of money and working jobs that you hate…   WAKE UP AMERICA! If you have to go to work every day to … Continue reading Wake Up, America!

The Colors Mix to Grey

"It is so complex yet simple to the eye. She is not as sleek or sexy as our iPhones, but the Minolta is a god because in her camera lineage, she was one of the original rulers. (Simba knows. He just looked into the sky, and there his family was.)"


Shea, you need to write more. I’ve already written several posts for the ole’ blog. I don’t respond. I continue to slowly sip my mimosa while staring at the Orange County Sunset. Am I an asshole? Debatable. A day passes. Unrelenting in her quest for equal content, Katie Jones persisted. Shea you need to write … Continue reading THE C WORD…CHURCH

Swipe Left

"What you don't realize is girls are less interested in your abs, and more interested in the toothpaste stains on your mirror."